Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Learning Log 1: Keyboard

An interface we use every day is the computer keyboard. The way it is arranged does not make any sense in relationship to the order of the alphabet. The reason for it's arrangement is because it prevented typewriters from becoming stuck. The reason we still have it today is simply because of tradition, nobody wanted to change something that everyone was already happy with. But it was not designed this way with ease of use in mind. As children we find it very hard to use, hunting with our index fingers for the right keys. We have to take classes in school and take years of our lives to deeply ingrain this function into our brains so we don't have to think about it. But for something so important in our daily lives, that doesn't really make sense. To research if another model is more intuitive and allowed faster typing and ease of learning would make sense, but it would be near impossible and very impractical try to make everyone switch to a new model. Our present keyboard model will probably never change. On the other hand, a very good part of this design is the two bumps on the f and j keys. We don't have to look at the keyboard to position our hands, but can do it solely by feel.

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  1. Can you relate this back to the reading for that week?

    Have you looked ahead into DOET, to read about Norman's views of the keyboard and its development?